About Us

Lift Apparel started in 2019 in Chicago, IL. The original shirts came about after a series of live, in-person conversational events we held. The idea was to bring strangers together for a facilitated conversation on topics like Authenticity, Success, Love, and Fear

As we put on more of these events, we started to think about ways we could commemorate the occasion and give everyone a visceral reminder of what we’d discussed.

So we started to create shirts for the events, with loving messages like “Compassion Is Cool”, “I Am Love”, etc.

We quickly realized the power of simple, loving messages on shirts because we were reminded of the message every time we put the shirt on, as was everyone we came into contact with while wearing the shirt.

And so Lift Apparel was born.

The vision of Lift Apparel is "A world Uplifted in love", and our mission is two-fold:

We exist to spread love. We think that the best way to embody and spread love is to wear a reminder of it. All of our messages are simple, rooted in loving and kind wisdom, and printed on high-quality, comfortable apparel.

Our second mission is to support mental health. We are committed to removing the stigma around mental health and supporting organizations that work with underserved or largely ignored populations.

By wearing our apparel, you're helping change the world Paradigm from one of fear, to one of love.

We are so glad you're here.

The Lift Apparel Team